HUD (Head Up Display) Edit

The HUD for the game is positioned at the lower half of the screen and it designed to be informative, but not cluttering. It consists of 2 main parts, the status bars on the lower left, and the inventory counts and skif status on the right. Parts of the HUD will be visible depending on what the player is currently doing and their position.

Player Status Display Edit

Health Edit

The players health is the red bar on the left status display.

Stamina Edit

The players stamina is the green bar on the left status display.

Breath Edit

The players breath is the blue bar on the left status display.


The skull and dagger represents the player having no status effects, and will be there in normal play.

If the player is Cursed, then the icon will change to the Black Spot on the players hand, and status effects will occur of only 50% of the players health, stamina and breath, until the curse has been lifted.

Inventory and Skif Display Edit

Gold Edit

The amount of gold currently in the players possession.

Pistol Shot Edit

The number of pistol shot ammunition the player currently has in their posessesion.

Skif Health Edit

The Skif health is only present when the player is near the skif. The data is shown as a percentage health of the craft. If this reaches zero (the player will always be on board if this occurs) then the skif will sink, and the player will go down with the ship, as all good Captains should. This will end the game.

Skif Boards Edit

The number of planks the player has stored onboard the skif in order to repair it when not docked at Port Cutlass.