Dropped Items Edit

After an enemy is killed, they may drop items. These items are plunder and will be added to your inventory automatically. Plunder has no actual use except to sell. Find a trader to sell these items. Depending on the items, some may be more valuable to some traders than others.

Found Loot in Containers Edit

Some containers are weak enough to be broken with a weapon hit. Any plunder inside will be automatically picked up into your inventory. Containers come in the form of Barrels, Crates and Large Jars or Pots.

Sea Loot Edit

Loot can be taken from the sea in which the Horizon is sailing. Lean over the side and grab a passing container or barrel to get its contents, using the same method to pick up an item, Left Click. The contents will be added to your inventory.

Chests Edit

Treasure chests can be found in various places, either by accident, or by instructions given to you in order to locate them. Open the chest by left-clicking when the Grasp icon is visible, after looking at the chest. Loot can be found inside such as Gold Coins, Provisions, Weapons or Quest Items. Treasure chests can only be opened once. Chest are not locked, and if they are they are easily broke open.