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Native Tribal Warriors are the men of the island villages. Each are skilled at hunting and tracking animals, they also tend to livestock. They also are in charge of protection of the village from outsiders. Any attempt from an unknown person to cause problems (or to enter the village sometimes), will lead to their dispatchment. Armed with axes and spears, shields and masks, they are large and work together as a group.

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The Tribal Native women are more docile and spend most of their time looking after children, cleaning, gathering fruit and sleeping. They will run if attacked, but shriek to attract male attention if so.

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Tribal Chiefs, typically just one per village. They have the final say in all matters of the village and it surroundings. Highly honoured and decorated, they are wise and know many things outsiders would never understand. They will hear an outsider speak if he has something to say. However if the Chief does not like what an outsider says or does, then his warriors will be dispatched.

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Leaning over their cooking pots and cauldrons, they chant their Voodoo curses and spells. Seeing the past and future, accessing the underworld and talking to the animals. They reel at a challenge if set one to achieve an alchemistic goal for anyone who dares ask them for favoritism.


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