Small Pirate Cogs Edit

Single masted ships with a few hands on board, these can pose a threat to the smaller ships, but will not activley hunt. They are more interested in smuggling. They have a tendancy to land on shore reguarly to make camp and stash their plunder.

Large Pirate Galleons Edit

These large galleons come from far and wide to pick the pirating waters off the coasts of Islands. They are triple masted, have many cannons, and very dangerous. The have deep hulls so cannot go too close to the shore or they will flounder. They have a weakness in that their masts are exposed somewhat, disabling them will slow them. They will hunt isolated smaller craft.

Pirate Fleets Edit

Made up of a number of cogs, they work together as a group to achieve more piracy, and can attack land based settlements and forts.

Kraken Edit

An enormous sailing ship, captained by Bloodbeard. This formerly Dutch ship sails from ship to port causing havoc. The navy have attempted to engage a number of times but lost their ships to the Krakens powerful cannons. This should not be engaged at sea by any regular ship or it will be destroyed.