NPC Dialog Edit

There are many NPC's (Non Playable Characters) in the game which can be spoken to, and must be spoken to in order to progress the main story line of tasks.

Some NPC's will not want to speak or say very little of interest, while others will offer side tasks for a reward, provide valuable information on what to do next, or simply insult the player, or moan about the hardships.

There will be times when an NPC is behind a door, (or desk) and may not be visible, but they can be still be engaged into conversation.

Engaging Conversation Edit

To engage into a conversation, approach a character's location, and when the player is close enough, a Speak icon will appear. When this is visible, simply click the left mouse to start speaking to them. A dialog box will appear.

To stop speaking to an NPC at any time, click the close button in the top right of the dialog box. The conversation will be restarted again when the conversation resumes. Another method is to back away, and after a certain distance the conversation will end.

The conversation the player has will differ depending on a number of things such as - current tasks active, current tasks completed, status of the player, or items in the players possession, which the NPC may be interested in.

Responding in Conversation Edit

At each stage of a conversation, the player can respond in one of 3 ways. The way they can respond is present as up to 3 alternative phrases. Upon clicking on one of these, the conversation will continue, or go back to a previous stage. Click on a response may cause the acceptance of a task (in which case the task will start) or the payment for an item, (in which case a trade will occur instantly).

A reponse could also lead to the conversation ending, but a user interface screen being presented, such as the map, or the trading screen appearing. This will end the conversation, but actions or transaction can now occur from that new screen.